Marion Schmäh, Healing Amsterdam. Physical, emptional, spiritual healing
Marion Schmaeh spiritual therapist and healer

Marion Schmäh

I have the firm belief that health and well-being are present, and can be activated, in every individual.

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I have always been engaged in healing, health and wholeness. As a child I connected with a deep inner silence. But it took many years before I gained confidence in this natural quality.

After a career as a visual artist, I trained to become a Psychosynthesis Therapist. This five-year training gave me a deep insight into myself, bringing considerable experience in consciousness and personal transformation processes with it. That was when I discovered my love of guiding people and formed the foundations for my work as spiritual therapist and healer.

Besides extensive study of different wisdom-based traditions, I also delved further into diverse, modern-day healing methods. I am a certified Deep Field Relaxation™, Quantum Touch® and Theta Healing® practitioner.

I have been guiding clients in my own practice since 2011. My clarity and calm are the result of years of practicing meditation. With warmth, sensitivity and insight I love to help people connect with the infinite source of happiness and well-being, so that they learn to experience and recognise their own wholeness again, and are able to relax and feel comfortable with it.

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Marion Schmäh
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