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Healing by laying on of hands


Love is the essence of all healing.

There is a link between symptoms and the way we live and think. Stress, unresolved emotions and subconscious thoughts can cause a wide range of psychological and physical problems. All these experiences heal on their own once we connect our body, our spirit and our emotions with a higher and more refined energetic level.

Healing establishes a connection with the source of your symptoms and brings them into contact with the universal life-energy field. This creates an opportunity for self-healing. Your body resonates with this subtle, healing energy and recovers in its own way, at its own tempo.

Space is created for something new. Unexpected transformations often occur and deep healing takes place. Pain can dissolve gently and symptoms will have the opportunity to disappear. Obstructive beliefs turn into constructive thoughts and feelings. Positive changes can occur in all areas of your life. Your energy can flow freely again.

For whom?

Essentially, the healings are suitable for everyone. They demonstrate to be effective for the widest range possible of physical and emotional problems. A treatment also works well in combination with other therapies and methods of healing.

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