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A treatment helps you to find your deep, inner-core.

During a treatment, we first take the time to discuss your personal situation. After this, I invite you to relax. The healing is done by a light laying on of hands. Together we are silent, giving the healing awareness space to work. The setting is peaceful and safe.

You may feel what is happening in your body via subtle sensations during the healing. Pain often lightens or disappears. Most people experience a deep sensation of peace and relaxation during, and after, the treatment.

The recovery following the healing stems from a heightened awareness, enabling you to better understand your life situation. I will guide you in this, clearly and sensitively. I am also glad to provide you with extra exercises to do yourself, at home.

How often?

The number of treatments needed depends on the goal that you want to achieve. Sometimes, one treatment is sufficient, but normally more sessions are needed. At the end of every session we look at the effect of the treatment and discuss your wishes and how to progress.


One session costs € 80,- (inc. 21% VAT) and lasts for one hour.

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