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In the depths, our cells remember that we are whole.

Everything in life is subtly interconnected and stems from a common source of consciousness. Pure consciousness is the subtle energy that brings everything to life. It is also the ultimate level of reality that a person can experience. Connected with this level of consciousness, we come into contact with a quality of clear presence and Being. Love, completeness and inner-peace flow forth from this deep, inner place.

In general, we are not in touch with our inner-core. Subconscious emotional problems, hindering mental beliefs, and conditionings at all kinds of levels cause blockages in our energy system. This can cause a variety of symptoms and even physical illness.

The objective of a healing is to restore the connection with this deep, universal life-force. To bring you back in touch with the original and natural state of wholeness that is already within you.

During treatment I make this deep level of consciousness accessible to you. It is a silent, formless and infinite space in which the totality of everything that is possible in this universe is available. As an infinite, limitless information-field it has all the possibilities available to change the disease process into a healing one.

Together, we will stay in this quiet, open space, where you can experience a deep connection with your very essence and the flow of life-energy. Stressful experiences are solved in a complete state of silence, peace and reconciliation. A gentle transformation takes place, in which the healing comes from the depths of your own Self.

All things that are really important are able to flow freely again: love, strength, beauty, creativity, joy and inner-peace.

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